Universal Clip On 12x HD Zoom Telescope Camera Phone Lens
Universal Clip On 12x HD Zoom Telescope Camera Phone Lens

Universal Clip On 12x HD Zoom Telescope Camera Phone Lens

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How many pictures were deleted in the search of a good quality picture from a distance?
You know, when it went blurry after you zoomed in for a better shot?
Our apologies that you haven’t seen this sooner, but those impressive photos you wanted could’ve been taken with the Universal Clip On 12x HD Zoom Telescope Camera Phone Lens. It’s not bulky, it’s small, light, and compact making it very convenient to carry around. This is perfect to have on you, especially if you would like to take some quality pictures and videos without having to buy an expensive camera.
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  • The 12x HD Zoom Telescope Camera Phone Lens is only 3 inches long, not even weighing 3 ounces. You can screw it to the Universal Clip that is included for a firm hold. Start taking some awesome pictures wherever you are with any smart phone that has a back camera. Its pretty much compatible with most if not all Samsung phones and Apple iPhones. 
  • The cell phone camera lenses are designed with industrial grade aluminum along with premium optic lenses. That simply means you can capture shots with amazing clarity and detail while being confident in knowing zooming isn’t a problem anymore. No more vignetting, no more blurring, no more breaking, and no more fuzziness. 
  • Do you like to take pictures of outdoor scenery or objects? Do you want high quality pictures and views of the live sports game or concert that you’re at? The 12x HD Zoom Telescope Lens is great for tourism on vacations, animal observers, forensics, photography, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Make your wishes come true with top quality images from your smart phone.   
  • There is no technology or professional knowledge needed, just clip it on to your smart phone right over your camera and take those AMAZING pictures you’ve been craving for. The price is reasonable for any type of budget and its easy enough for anyone to use.
Make The Finest moments, and capture them!
What’s Included:
1 x 12x HD Zoom Telescope Lens
1 x Universal Clip Attachment